Welcome to our special first time only Bundulu!

We offer you the highest quality of our sound productions for only a small price.

What you will get:

That's right! You get 4 of our Samplepacks in ONE Bundulu. Here is what you will get in Detail:

In our Melody Samplepack DYSTOPIA you will find groundbreaking melodies in 3 different genres.

What's inside of DYSTOPIA:
- 29 Dark Melodies
- 26 Dystopian Melodies (WARNING: These are pretty deep!)
- 44 Rainy Melodies

DYSTOPIA has a total of 99 Samples. The Pack is labeled at diverse BPM.

Listen to some of the samples from DYSTOPIA:

In our Techno Samplepack DYSTOPIAN DREAMS you will find deep melodies, melodic kicks and a bunch of FX.

What's inside of DYSTOPIAN DREAMS:
- 15 Arp Loops
- 15 Atmosphere
- 15 Bass Loops
- 15 each: Kick Loops, Clap Loops, Snare Loops, HiHat Loops, Percussion Loops and Ride Loops
- 15 each: Impacts, FX Loops, White Noise Risers, White Noise Downlifters, Synth Risers, Synth Downlifters
- 15 Melody Loops

DYSTOPIAN DREAMS has a total of 240 Samples. The Pack is labeled at 126 BPM.

Listen to some of the samples from DYSTOPIAN DREAMS:

In our Ambience Samplepack SPIRITUAL HEALING you will find melodic bells, deep pads and a bunch of chorus.

What's inside of SPIRITUAL HEALING:
- 35 bells
- 18 chorus
- 27 frequencies (Solfeggio Healing Frequencies)
- 39 Instrument Oneshots
- 9 Melody Loops
- 40 Pads

SPIRITUAL HEALING has a total of 168 Samples. The Pack is labeled at 130 BPM.

Listen to some of the samples from SPIRITUAL HEALING:

In our FX Samplepack ULTIMATE you will find long impacts, deep drones and a bunch of synth and white noise risers and downlifters.

What's inside of ULTIMATE:
- 47 Synth Downlifters
- 29 White Noise Downlifters
- 875 Impacts containing Percussion, HiHats, Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Tom-Toms and Misc
- 99 Synth Risers
- 28 White Noise Risers
- 50 Texture and Drones

ULTIMATE has a total of 1128 Samples. The Pack is labeled at 100 BPM.

Listen to some of the samples from ULTIMATE:

In total we offer you 1635 Samples for only 18€!

All of the Samples are royalty free according to our terms.


We wish you much success and fun producing your music with our content!