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​We are a small team of producers based in München, Germany. Before i tell you more about us and our mission i want to make one thing clear: we aren't native speakers of the english language and i barely know shit about grammar or articulation so please excuse my shitty english... But we do not need english skills for our production, we FEEL the music, and feelings cannot be described with words.

Back when we started producing music in 2012, we had a small studio with one microphone and only a laptop and a​ audio interface. We didn't know shit about making music, but we had this vision of how it will be in a few years and we knew WHAT we wanted, but not HOW to do it. The next few years we spent almost every free minute learning several DAWs and getting a feeling for deep melodies the right combination of different sounds and the technical background of making music.

Now we stand at a point where we are ready to make our knowledge and experience puplic. That is why we offer you our services. In the past years we stumbled across a lot of other music producers and were astonished of what we saw. With the explosion of the music scene there were a lot more producers of samplepacks than back in 2012. With the extending number of music producers, the overall quality of the samples provided decreased a lot.

This situation is why we decided to make our products available to the puplic. Our mission is to stand out of the crowd. We want to provide you with everything you need to produce the music you dream of.

I will describe the problem and ​​the solution below.

The Problem:

​You pay a lot of money for a few samples, of which you can only use like 25% to 50% for your production. You pay a lot of money and then you are able to make like 2-3 songs from a single pack. 40€ for 15 melodies is inacceptable to our vision. Long story short, you get less samples for more money than you deserve.

We can't stand this situation anymore... and we decided to do something about it!

The Solution:

​Stay with us. We not only offer a lot of free samplepacks full of melodies, drums oneshots and MIDI files, we also explain to you everything you need to know about producing the music you dream of. On our Blog we show you how to make your own MIDI files, how to master your sounds, the technic​ behind and a lot more. And it's 100% free!

If you like what we do, you can also buy our premium samplepacks...



We do not want your financial situation to stand in your way of creating fulfilling music. Whether you do music as a hobby or a business, we want to provide you with everything you need. That is why we offer you a lot of FREE samplepacks as a gift. If you've buyed one of our premium samplepacks, you know, that there is little to no difference between ​one of our free samplepacks and one of our premium samplepacks.

​Join us on the inside (it's free)!

Be the first to claim exclusive offers, discounts and a ton of free information regarding your personal music experience! Including free PDFs.