Vital Essentials – Volume 2


Vital Essentials – Volume 2 features 120 presets designed for the new Vital synth plugin from Matt Tytel. Discover a broad range of pads, leads, keys, plucks, bass and SFX.



After the release of Vital Essentials Volume 1 we were shocked about the great resonance this sound bank got. That’s why we sat together and created Volume 2 of our Vital Essentials presets series!

Inside you will find 120 handcrafted, essential presets for Vital splitted into 6 categories:
-> 20 Bass Presets
-> 20 Key Presets
-> 20 Lead Presets
-> 20 Pad Presets
-> 20 Pluck Presets
-> 20 SFX Presets

Every preset comes with full control over the 4 macros inside of Vital synth plugin so you can shape the sounds easily.

Requirements: Vital synth plugin (the basic version is free)