Upload Music to Spotify fast: Quick Comparison of 5 DSP 

 May 19, 2020

By  Laurentius

​In this article i will show you the different ​Digital Service Providers you have for puplishing your music and how to upload music to spotify and other stores and collecting royalities by it. In my lifetime of producing music i have worked with every single one of the suppliers listed below.

​I will list them as​ a "best to worst" list, starting with my personal favorite and the supplier i use for ​uploading my music to spotify.

​Why use ​DSP ​for uploading music

The thing is, you won't be able to upload your music on stores like Spotify and others without a man in the middle.

That is because stores want to protect themselves against spam or misusing their algorythms to get better placements.

This is why you need to use a supplier who uploads your music into the big stores like Spotify and he will handle all the optional problems and requests you have regarding the stores.

Unless you want to upload your music only in Youtube or Soundcloud, you need one of the following music middlemans to get your music live in Spotify et cetera.

That is why you need a so called Digital Service Provider (DSP for short) to upload music on spotify and other stores.

​Distro Kid is my personal choice for puplishing my music and collecting royalities from it. With Distro Kid you have the greatest options of puplishing music in the world and you pay only a yearly fee for keeping 100% (YES 100%) of your earnings.

You are able to make up teams if you produced your music with others and split the earnings as you wish. Upload your music into 150+ stores including Spotify, Apple Music. They add new stores every month and you have the full choice of uploading your music into all stores, only Spotify or only the ones you wish. If you do not like what Amazon does to the world, you do not need to upload your stuff into Amazon but you are still able to go live in Spotify for example. Set your own release date for uploading your music to the stores and get Spotify for Artists access.

You get full access to Stats, a optional Spotify Verified Mark for free you have access to DistroVault to save your music in Distro Kids Cloud.

Also you have this cute little alien in the logo. 🙂


Distro Kid costs you 19.99 Dollar every year at the basic tarif with 1 artist account included. In ALL Tarifs you will never pay anything optional for uploading your music. That means, for 20 bucks you are allowed to upload unlimited amounts of music.

You are allowed to keep 100% of your royalties.

Optional priced services include: Youtube Money (detects if your music is used in Youtube videos), Store Maximizer (add your music to new stores automatically), Shazam & iPhone Siri and Legacy (leave your music online even after you die).

Distro Kid is my music middleman of choice because it is cheap and offers the greatest service available, which is why it is used by millions of musicians.

If you sign up through my affiliate link, you will save 7% on every tarif and i will get a little bit of money: https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/1329189

2. CD Baby

Similar to Distro Kid you have about 150 optional stores to upload your music into including Spotify and others with CD Baby and you have access to Spoitfy for Artists.

You will get full access to stats and other functions regarding your music. Split your royalities to different indiviuals if you wish. You also get a Spotify Verified Mark if you wish. 


​CD Baby charges at the cheapest tarif a one time fee of 9.95 Dollar for a single song + 29 Dollar for a complete album. If you choose the PRO plan you will also get access to many more features.

You are allowed to keep 91% of your royalties.

3. Emubands

Emubands to is similar to Distro Kid and CD Baby. Upload your music into stores and get access to Spotify for Artists. You also can set your custom release date for uploading your music into stores. Emubands also offers to remaster your songs after disributing them.


Emubands charges 42.50 Dollar for a Single and 59.95 Dollar for a EP with uo to 5 Tracks. For a album with up to 20 tracks you need to pay 84.95 Dollar.

You are allowed to keep 100% of your royalties.

4. Record Union

With Record Union you can upload your music into the 19 most well known stores. That is pretty much all they do.


Record Union charges per stores they distribute to  AND per amount of songs distributed on a yearly basis. For a Single (1-2 tracks) distributed in ONE store of your choice the DSP charges 7 Dollar, for 4 stores of your choice 10 Dollar and for all 19 stores available 15 Dollar. 

With Record Union you are allowed to keep 85% of your royalties. You also can keep 92.5% for a 25 Dollar fee.


I still suggest you to start with Distro Kid to release your music. It is cheap and offers the most complex functionality available. They can bring your music into Spotify in 24 hours if you wish so.


Laurentius produces music in every free minute he finds. When not producing music or writing articles, he chooses to do meditation, MMA or book readings.

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