Vital Synth Plugin Review

Vital is a wavetable synthesizer plugin created by Matt Tytel that has completely taken over the music production world as the new flexible synth plugin. It features a visual and creative workflow oriented interface that makes creating and altering sounds fun instead of boring.

You can buy Vital here or try the free version!

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Vital Synth Plugin Review

Since it has been released a few months ago, Vital has quickly become a popular software synthesizer for music production.

The community grows rapidly and it even has an own discord channel to talk with other Vital users out there.

And there’s a good reason for this. Vitals’s complex, high quality, and easy-to-use design makes it stand out in line with other synths like Serum, Massive and Sylenth and can be afforded even on a low budget.

Vital is the synth that many producers out there have been waiting for. This is because with it’s intuitive design, it’s easy and fun to create the exact sound you need while not spending all your money on it.

Even in the free version, which has all functions unlocked, you get 25 wavetables and 75 presets included. If you need more wavetables and presets you can upgrade to one of the paid versions available or get a view on all the external affordable high quality preset packs for Vital here.

It’s pretty clear that Serum is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal.

And to give you a better idea on what Vital is, we’ve put together an in-depth overview containing the following topics:

-> Pro and Contra regarding Vital
-> Why Vital might be the right Synth for you
-> Unique aspects of Vital
-> Features of Vital
-> Showcase of Vital sounds

With these informations you will surely know whether Vital is the right synth for you or not!

Pros of Vital synth plugin

  • High quality wavetable oscillators with frequency warping and wave warping
  • Efficient unison to create very interesting sounds
  • Text-To-Wavetable function
  • Two routable voice filters with several analog and digital models
  • Audio-rate modulation so you can create clean drum transients and frequency modulate filter cutoff
  • Stereo-splitable LFOs with custom and editable shapes
  • Modulatable envelopes with custom curves
  • Custom sample source
  • Eight routable effects including a multiband compressor, multi-mode phaser and 16 voice chorus
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum viewer
  • Organized Preset browser with sort, search, tag and folder organization
  • Affordable pricing (basic version is FREE)

Cons of Vital synth plugin

  • No onboard arpeggiator
  • Medium CPU usage, might create problems on older computers
  • Depending on your taste, many of the sounds are extremely “Digital” sounding
  • Only 3 oscillators available

Why Vital might be the right Synth for you

Vital was designed with every producer in mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of sound design or somebody just looking to use presets, you will absolutely love this synth.

The workflow was designed to make it easy for you to create sounds at your fingertips. With the visual workflow of this synth, it’s easy to see exactly what you are doing. While many other synths have a variety of obscure functions, with Vital you will know exactly what is going on with the sound you are creating at all times.

Even more, with such a quickly growing community out there covering so much content about Vital, you will find a lot of support for this plugin.

The reason why Vital is becoming so popular is because it stands out when compared to its competitors.

What makes this plugin special?

Vital has a crazy amount of features that sets it as a leader in the vast crowd of software synths.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most intuitive features of the Vital VST plugin below:

  • Editing, creating, and importing wavetables couldn’t be easier or intuitive with this synth
  • Ultra-clean oscillators provide a high quality sound experience
  • The modulation system on this synth allows drag and drop connections. This makes it extremely easy to adjust your connections in the synth. However, a list view is also part of the synth!
  • Realtime wavetable manipulation allows you to visualize everything happening with the waves
  • The variety of complex filter types allows you to create sounds that are just not possible in other software synths
  • The 8 built in effects give a variety of options to add texture and movement to your sound. You can order or add as many of these effects as you want
  • Advanced unison allows you to stack up to 16 voices on a single oscillator and you can also tweak them to your liking

To give you a better idea of what Vital is capable of, we’re going to go over what you can expect when you get the Vital VST plugin.

Features of Vital

Starting right away with the foundation of sound creation!

Triple Wavetable Oscillators + Sampler

Vital Oscillator Section

Triple Wavetable Oscillators allow you to create a huge variety of sounds. You can choose any of the factory presets, import your own, or download presets from a third party!

Included with the oscillator section is a built in sampler where you can import your own samples as well.

Dual Filter Module

Vital Filters

Vital includes an impressive 75 filter options which is way more than the basic options available in other synths.

It features many intuitive controls of the filter such as Cutoff, Resonance, Drive and more. These options allow you to tweak the filters to your exact liking.

Built in Effects

Vital Effects

Vital possesses 8 unique effects that add character and texture to your sound. These effects include Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filter, Flanger, Phaser and Reverb.

These effects are routed in the order they are placed on the list of effects so you can easily rearrange them by drag and drop.


Vital Modulation Matrix

Vital provides an insanely detailed modulation panel. This panel features nearly every feature available in the synth.

The interface is designed to make it extremely easy to see what is going on with each of your parameters, as they are all listed out for you to adjust to your liking.

These key features really allow you to create some extremely unique sounds out of this software synth.

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